Our Story

At Coffee & Bagel Brands we believe in the power of &. We love our coffee and we love our bagels. And we know our guests do too! Imagine the power of the greatest bagelries setting up shop with the most beloved coffeehouse – and that’s exactly what we did.

We are a collection of the best of breakfast, with each brand bringing their own unique history and heart:

In 1983, the first Bruegger’s Bagels opened in Troy, New York after perfecting the time-honored tradition of kettle-cooking and began sharing this authentic New York-style treat to guests clamoring for more.
In 1987, Manhattan Bagel Co. was founded in New Jersey with the intent of introducing bagels beyond the New York area and quickly expanded to fill a burgeoning demand.
In 1989, Berkeley-born Noah’s New York Bagels introduced soft, steamed bagels to the Bay Area of California, bringing an East Coast favorite to a whole new group of fans.
In 1992, A husband and wife team found inspiration to act on their entrepreneurial spirit. They left their jobs to pursue their dreams and opened the first Caribou Coffee in Edina, Minnesota.
In 1995, a new company was formed in Denver, Colorado called Einstein Bros. Bagels. This company was the acumination of bagel chains from across the United States and the company benefited from the group’s industry experience, passion and creativity. This company soon evolved to include Noah’s New York Bagels and Manhattan Bagel to later become the Einstein Noah Restaurant Group.
Coffee & Bagel Brands logo logo
In 2014, Caribou Coffee and Einstein Noah Restaurant Group came together to bring our Guests the best breakfast this side of anywhere. Guests will find Caribou Coffee locations with Einstein’s bagels and Einstein Bros. Bagels locations with Caribou Coffee! In 2017 we grew again with the addition of Bruegger’s Bagels, which brought 35 years of history and tradition to the family. We call ourselves Coffee & Bagel Brands.
Our purpose at Coffee & Bagel Brands is to create Bright Spots for our guests and for each other. This is all about making someone’s day. When we can do that consistently, it has the potential to ripple out to the wider world making better days and even a better world.

Bright Spot. Better Day. Better World.