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Diversity: Our policy does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, religion or sexual orientation. Our benefits package includes domestic partner benefits for those employees who work more than 20 hours per week.

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Our Purpose & Heart

Our purpose at Coffee & Bagel Brands is to create Bright Spots for our guests and for each other. A Bright Spot is all about making someone’s day. When we can do that consistently, it has the potential to ripple out to the wider world making better days and even a better world! These are our heart statements that describe the ways we bring our purpose to life through how we think, act and interact.
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Bright Spot.
Better Day.
Better World.

Our Purpose & Heart is at the center of how we work and how we treat each other and our guests. It’s more than just a set of words to memorize, it’s the power of what we can accomplish together.

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Be Yourself

We embrace our unique self and feel confident to bring our true self to work. We recognize and appreciate each other’s differences. Our dynamic personalities have the potential to create a Bright Spot in someone’s day.

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Support One Another

Our best successes at work or at home are just on the other side of a helping hand. Being there for our team is what builds our community and ties us together. When we take the time to partner, collaborate, encourage, offer a hand and give back, we are all contributing to a Better World.

Pair of Keys

Take Ownership

We lead and drive. We take calculated risks, embrace new approaches and always have each other’s back while we are doing it. We will always do what is right. We are focused on our guests and align our priorities to create Bright Spots.

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Make Fun Happen

Life is meant to be fun – even at work! Wherever we are and however we can, we make room for laughter, joy and the fun moments in life. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we do take our coffee and bagels seriously!


Serve With Love

Sharing a smile. Remembering a guest’s name. The way we serve and work with each other makes us more than a coffee shop and bagelry, it has the power to make our store and our support centers feel like home.